How to Replace 3MZ-FE Engine on Toyota Avalon & Camry?

The details for 3MZ-FE engine replacing procedure is provided here.

The procedure is for Toyota car models Avalon And Camry cars.

In this section complete engine mounting engine removal and installation procedure is given.
Also details and diagrams are provided :---

  1. Relieve the fuel pressure from the fuel lines.
  2. Drain the engine coolant from the cooling system.
  3. Drain the engine oil.
  4. Drain the transmission fluid.
  5. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Negative battery cable
    Front wheels
    Engine under covers
    Front fender apron seal
    V-bank cover sub-assembly
    Radiator lower air deflector
    Battery and battery tray
    Air cleaner assembly, brackets and inlets
    Intake air resonator sub-assembly
    A/C compressor V-belt
    Alternator wiring and alternator
    Engine stabilizing control rod
    Engine mounting stay
    Alternator bracket
    Alternator adjusting bar
    A/C compressor (Do NOT disconnect hoses)
    Transmission control cable assembly
    Union to check valve hose
    Fuel vapor feed hose
    Fuel pipe sub-assembly
    Heater inlet and outlet hoses
    Radiator inlet and outlet hoses
    Oil cooler inlet and outlet hoses
    Steering gear outlet return tube
    Glove compartment door assembly
    Engine wire from ECU and junction box
    Engine harness from engine compartment junction block
    Front exhaust pipe support bracket
    Rear exhaust pipe support bracket
    Front exhaust pipe assembly
    Front stabilizer link assembly
    Rear stabilizer link assembly
    Both front axle hub nuts
    Both front speed sensors
    Separate both outer tie rod ends
    Separate front lower suspension arm sub assembly, both sides
    Left and Right drive axles
    Separate steering intermediate shaft assembly
    Attach engine hoist
    4 bolts and 2 nuts from RH & LH frame side rail plate
    4 bolts and 2 nuts from RH & LH front suspension member
    Carefully remove engine assembly
To install:
  1. Lower engine and transmission assembly onto the engine compartment
  2. Install or connect the following:

    RH & LH side rail plates; torque large bolt 63 ft. lbs. (85 Nm) and small bolt and nuts 24 ft. lbs. (32 Nm)
    RH & LH front suspension member brace. Torque large bolt to 63 ft. lbs (85 Nm) and small bolt and nuts 24 ft. lbs. (32 Nm).
    Steering intermediate shaft assembly
    LH & RH axel shaft assemblies
    LH & RH lower suspension arm sub-assemblies
    LH & RH tie rod assemblies
    LH & RH speed sensors
    LH & RH front axle hub nuts. Torque to 217 ft. lbs. (294 Nm).
    LH & RH stabilizer link assemblies
    Front exhaust pipe assembly
    Rear exhaust support bracket
    Front exhaust support bracket
    Fuel pipe sub-assembly
    Transmission control cable assembly
    A/C compressor assembly
    Alternator belt adjusting bar and bracket
    RH engine mounting stay
    Engine stabilizing control rod
    Alternator assembly
    A/C compressor V-belt
    Inspect drive belt deflector and tensioner
    Intake air resonator. Torque to 44 inch lbs. (5 Nm).
    Air cleaner assembly, brackets and inlets
    Engine undercover
    Negative battery cable
  3. Refill the transmission fluid to the correct level.
  4. Refill the engine with oil to the correct level.
  5. Refill the cooling system to the correct level.
  6. Check and adjust the alignment if necessary. 

    Fig. 3.0L (1MZ-FE) and 3.3L (3MZ-FE) engine mounting-2004

These details will help.


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