How To replace Steering Wheel on Toyota 4Runner?

The steering wheel replacing procedure for Toyota 4runner is as follows:----

The procedure is provided with details as well as diagrams,view both for proper understanding:-----

  1. On models without tilt steering, proceed as follows:
    1. Place the front wheels facing straight ahead.
    2. Remove the two steering wheel lower covers. Using a Torx® driver, loosen the Torx® screws until the groove along the screw circumference catches on the screw case.
    3. Pull out the wheel pad from the steering wheel, then detach the air bag connector.
      Always keep the upper surface of the wheel pad facing upward. Never store the wheel pad face down.
  2. Remove the steering wheel set nut. A special wheel puller may be needed. Place matchmarks on the steering wheel and mainshaft assembly. Remove the wheel.
  3. Unplug the harness. 

    Fig. Special Tool 09950-50013 may be need to remove the steering wheel
To install:
  1. Align the matchmarks on the wheel and the mainshaft. Tighten the wheel set nut as follows:
    1. 2001-02 Models: to 25 ft. lbs. (34 Nm)
    2. 2003-05 Models: to 37 ft. lbs. (50 Nm)
  2. Attach the harness.
  3. Attach the air bag harness, then install the wheel pad after confirming that the circumference groove of the Torx® screw is caught on the screw case.
  4. Using a Torx® driver, tighten the screws to 78 inch lbs. (9 Nm).
  5. Install the steering wheel covers.
  6. Check the steering wheel center point.

See the detailed diagrams shown below:----


Fig. Matchmark the steering wheel to the splined steering column shaft

Fig. Use a deep socket and a breaker bar to remove the steering wheel nut


Fig. Once loose, remove the nut by hand


Fig. You may have to use a steering wheel puller to extract the wheel from the shaft

Fig. Using both hands, pull the wheel straight off the steering column


Fig. View of the steering column with the wheel removed

These details will help.


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