Engine Overheats?

While driving engine overheats and this is noticed on engine compartment.

There are many possibilities that can cause engine overheating while driving.
Inspecting the possible parts is necessary to confirm the problem.
The possibilities for engine overheating is as follows :-----

1)  Ruptured, Cracked or Leaking Raditor Hose.

2) A Leaking Head Gasket.

3) Thermostat Stuck Closed.

4) The Worn or Damaged Raditor Cap.

5) The Raditor Fins Obstructed.

6) Missing or Broken Water Pump Belt.

7) Heater Core May Be Leaking Antifreeze/Coolant into The Vehicles Floor Area.

8) The Leaking, Worn, or Damaged Intake Manifold Gasket.

9) Faulty Raditor Cooling Fan Motor.

10) Faulty Cooling Fan Motor or Faulty Cooling Fan Relay.

11) Fan Blade Broken, Missing, or Faulty Fan Blade(s).

12) Faulty Raditor Cooling Fan Sensor/Switch.

13) A Leaking Water Pump.

All this parts needs to be inspected.Any of this faulty ,loose or broken can cause engine overheating problem while driving.

This will help.

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