Engine keeps "dieseling" after turning OFF ignition key?

Many others too notice this problem.

Actually why the Engine keeps giving diesel after ignition key is turned to off.

The question here comes is
Why engine continue to run dieseling after ignition is turned off?

One customer came to our repair garage with the problem ....
Engine has just started running-on/dieseling when ignition shut off?

This problem is caused due to few possibilities.
All needs to be inspected one by one.

Air Cleaner Tempature Sensor.A Faulty Air Cleaner Tempature Sensor can cause this problem.

Idle Stop Solenoid. A Damaged, Loose, or Faulty Idle Stop Solenoid can cause this problem.

Issue with Thermostat.Or Faulty Thermostat can cause this problem.

Antifreeze Needed.Coolant Level Low or coolant leaking.Inspect the coolant level to confirm.

This possibilities are to be checked to confirm the problem.

This will help.
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