Thread tangles to bobbin on babylock sewing machine?

Remove the thread out and bobbin out and also replace the needle.---------
Clean the bobbin, there must be lint got collected in the bobbin of side of bobbin , that must not letting the bobbin to set correctly or not not letting the thread to pass through the bobbin and causing the thread to get tangled instead or running smooth.--------- Also re-thread the thread and adjust the correct tension.Inspect the needle, is it bent or getting loose.----------also check that thread is passing correctly and bobbin is placed in right order or not got loose.--------The Presser foot needs to be up when threading the upper thread, since when down the thread does not pass through the tension disks. This then allows the bobbin tension to pull it excessively into the bobbin area. Try holding the thread by hand during the first few stitches, once 4-5 stitches are done then release the thread and continue further stitching.

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