How to install CCS100 on 2005 Chevy Express van?

Why are you using magnets instead of the VSS wire? I would hookup the vss wire and see if that works. Look for a large unused plug on the drivers fender/wheel well area (may or may not be there) that would be the OEM cruise plug and the green/white (4 pole setting) wire will be in there. Also is that a vacuum cruise? If so are you sure you have a good vacuum source?

Yes this is the vacuum version. I am using the only vac source available.

I have tried many different DIP switch settings and few different cable configurations.

I can not engage the cruise over 55 MPH. Anything below that works fine.


I am using the WHITE wire in the ECM bundle for tach. Is this the best source for the tach/coil signal?

"I have an unsed plug with 10 wires; grey, blue, grey/black, purple, black, pink, blue, green, blue/black, green/white."

This is the unused OEM cruise plug. Certain aftermarket cruises would plug right into this plug, and then you'd just have to wire the handle in on the inside. Regardless tap into the green/white for your VSS signal and disconnect whatever you have going to your magnets. Set your unit to 4000 ppm and try it again.

The gray, blue, gray/black, would be your handle wires in your case don't worry about them.

Black is a ground, pink is an ignition power source.

White should be the cold side of the brake. Light blue should be the hot side of the brake.

"There is also a 2 wire plug in the same are with orange and black."

Don't worry about this.

"I am using the WHITE wire in the ECM bundle for tach. Is this the best source for the tach/coil signal?"

Tach on a cruise control is generally only used for overrev protection on 5 spd vehicles. You shouldn't need to hook this up on an automatic. May actually want to disconnect it and try it.


Your tech tips were right on the money. My cruise control is working perfectly.

I would like to add the cruise control harness pinout info to the12volt database for 2005 Chevy Express van.

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