How to Change Out an O2 Sensor ?

The sensor, which is called the oxygen sensor, controls the amount of oxygen within the exhaust. When the O2 sensor begins to fail you will notice car running poorly and using more gas;

  • Ensure the car is in "Park" and on a level surface. Allow the vehicle to sit for ten minutes to cool off. It's ideal to change the O2 sensor while the component is still warm.

  • Open the hood of the car and locate the O2 sensor. Look for a plug-type, white, rubber component located on the exhaust manifold; this is the oxygen sensor.

  • Use a socket wrench along with an oxygen sensor socket to loosen the sensor. Continue to twist the wrench counterclockwise until the sensor is loosened enough to remove. Finish removing the sensor by pulling it off of the manifold; discard the old sensor.

  • Place the replacement oxygen sensor on the manifold and plug it into place by pushing down. Notice the sensor click into place; the sensor is now secured. Close the hood of the car.


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