How to troubleshoot Maytag Top loading single belt Washer?

The top loading Maytag washer is a really heavy duty machine. It is a single belt driven washer featuring a mechanical water pump. In the wash mode the tub is locked down by a spring loaded brake package. The transmission is a mechanical one that agitates using a series of drive gears. The pump cannot expel the water in the wash mode. In the spin mode the washer motor turns in the opposite direction. The pump expels the water. The main drive pulley has a cam riser built into it. When the motor goes into spin mode the cam releases the brake package. The tub turns freely. The whole shebang slowly works itself up to a furious spin that effectively removes most of the water from the clothes. The manufacturers recommend a solid floor to mount this beast on. It can actually vibrate the whole house when it reaches a full spin. These machines are not very hard to repair the simpler woes. So what goes wrong with these machines? The number one thing is the water pump. The bearing tends to separate over time. It is a simple repair. Remove the belt. Take out 3 screws and remove the 2 hoses. The Thrust washer kit is the next likely thing you will need to replace with age. The cam riser will get to where it won't release the tub and the clothes will be soggy when the cycle is finished. Installing the thrust washer kit is tricky. Add too many washers and the tub will not lock down for wash mode. The clothes will be knotted all to hell. Don't add enough washers and the brake won't release. Get it just right and the tub will release for spin easily and lock properly for wash.

Those are the top 2 things I have seen go wrong with these machines.

Tip within a tip: If the brake squeaks at the end of the cycle simply remove the belt (no tools required), turn the main drive pulley and squirt a little WD40 into the liner. Re install the belt. All will be good.

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