how to change the left (driver side) actuator on Oldsmobile Bravada?

Remove the driver’s side lower floor panel using socket. There should be two screws near the top. Once the panel is loose, you will need to disconnect the components connected to the panel so you can get the panel out of your way. This includes the small light assembly (simply pop it out), the square grey box (lift and slide off), and the tech connection port.

Remove the panel below the steering wheel. There will be four screws, two on the front, and two underneath .Once the screws are out, give it a good tug and the panel will come off (held in place by some metal brackets).

Using the socket; remove the screw from the dash assembly. Sitting in the driver’s seat, the screw will be facing you to the lower right of the steering wheel. This will loosen that portion of the dash and make it easier to remove and replace the actuator. With that same socket, remove the metal cover below the steering wheel. There will be 4 screws. Removing this piece will expose the actuator to the right.

Identify the actuator. Directly behind the plastic piece you removed the screw from in step 6 is the actuator. It is behind a metal bracket.The screws holding the actuator in place are in plain site and accessible .

Disconnect the electric cable from the actuator .

using a 5.5mm socket and a 3 inch extension; remove the upper and lower screws holding the actuator in place. Pull back on the plastic dash piece as far back as you can without breaking it off. Use your other hand to reach up and grab the actuator. It will be a snug fit, but just pull back on it and maneuver it out.

When you take out the bad actuator, the mode door will fully close . When you go to put the new actuator on, everything has to line up just right. The actuator fits on a uniquely shaped white knob.

Try putting the new actuator in at this point. Here's where you need patience. Pull back on the plastic dash piece . You’ll have to go by feel and get the actuator up and onto the white knob. If you are having trouble, the white knob may not be lining up with the setting on your actuator.

Take the cover off the bad actuator. Pull the gear out.Then put the actuator back in place with the cover off. This allows you to turn the large white gear until the actuator falls back into place on the white knob. Then put the gear removed back into the actuator to lock in the position. Then remove the actuator being careful not to bump the gears out. Now, look at the metal piece on the actuator with the hole in it. There should be some grooves and some small point of reference lines . Now, using the old actuator as your guide, mirror the position of the metal piece exactly. You may have an easier way to do this, but I took the cover off the new actuator, pulled the same gears and move the large gear until it was in position. Now, you shouldn't have any problem getting the new actuator installed and screwed on.

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