washer is overflowing?

Washing machine overflow.
Water going everywhere.
What happened?
How much will it cost to fix it?
Sometimes a water valve will fail to shut down. Even unplugging the washer will not stop this problem. Shutting off the faucet or water supply will do it. Most likely though the pressure hose is clogged with sediment, pinched, vibrated off, or has a hole in it. If pressure cannot build in the tubing then the switch can't be tripped.

All washers have some sort of way to tell how much water is in the tub. The water level/pressure switch has 3 wires and a pressure tube connection. The 3 wires are a common, a wire to the water works, and another going to the motor. The water level switch is either going to be in FILL mode or WASH mode. With no pressure in the tubing, the switch is in the fill mode. With water full or to a desired setting, the switch shuts down the water works, powers the motor, and the wash cycle begins. The new fangled fancier machines have the pressure switch built into the central control. You can still find it though because it is gonna have that tubing from the tub connected to it. Yep if sediment gets in the tub or the pressure is lost the machine will still act up, only some of the newer ones have a flow meter which also helps determine the water amount, saving water, and stopping these overflows. The good news is you don't need any parts. Remove the tubing from the switch and blow out the sediment in the tubing. Use them lungs! Re-connect the tubing to the water level switch. Pump out/remove water from the machine to allow pressure to build once more in the tubing. If the tubing ain't got a hole in it or blockage then your problem is solved.

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