Honda Accord alarm continuosly go off?

Try this.

1. Open the car door and the alarm goes off.

2. Locate a little black button on the interior panel directly under the wheel. When I installed my factory alarm the instructions have you install the button on the upper left hand side of the panel. I am assuming this is where they are all put by the factory. Really sneaky huh?

3. Depress the button.

4. While still pressing the button, insert the key and start the car.

5. The alarm should go off and stay off after this. This is assuming you don't use a remote to lock the car and thus arm the alarm system again.
The disarm switch should be located on the back of the driver’s dashboard lower cover, it’ll be a button.

Click this link below:---

But if all checked , and still same alarm problem then system needs resetting.

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