Irobot, Dirt Dog, Scooba vacuum working procedure?

They clean your carpet and don't complain about a paycheck.
They scrub your floors and they clean your shop, and some of them even do it on a schedule, while others clean out your rain gutters, and the expensive ones clean your pool!

Well guess what?

They all have pretty much the same brain.
Know what that means to you?
They can ALL clean on a predetermined schedule!

Yes Irobot sells a Roomba called a scheduler which has a remote control, but they can all be programmed with that same remote control to clean at any time you desire, 7 days a week, once a day. The real beauty of this though is that you can buy that remote on Ebay for pretty cheap.

The only thing you have to remember is to set them to different times and feed those times in separately. You MUST have the Irobot turned on prior to sending it a schedule, otherwise you wont hear a confirmation tone.

Lets say you want the Dirt Dog to clean up a pretty nasty floor before the Roomba does it's thing. You set the day, lets make it Wednesday.
Now you set the scheduler on the remote control pad so the Irobot runs when you're asleep.

The average Dirt Dog runs 45 minutes to an hour, so we set it for midnight.
Then we set the Roomba for 1am. For each time we set for each device there will have to be a code sent and recorded by the device itself, which wil be followed by a short confirmation tone.

Remember that before you send a new schedule to a different robot, you will have to erase or modify the old schedule recorded in the remote control. The schedule doesn't need to be present on the remote control for the Irobot to run on time. Once the schedule has been sent and the confirmation tone has sounded, nothing else needs to be done for the Irobot to do it's job, so you can safely wipe the previous schedule and set a new one, then send that schedule to another Irobot.

When the Remote Control sends a code, it effectively sets the clock on the Irobot, then tells it when to run according to that clock.

Now lets say you want the kitchen floors scrubbed every wednesday, but you dont want the Scooba bumping into either the Dirt Dog or the Roomba.
The solution is to set it to run at 2am.

The end result is a very clean floor that even your toddler can safely play on. Lets also remember that the very same remote control you use to set those schedules can also be used to guide and control the Irobot much like you would a remote controlled toy car. SO, if you have a party and someone spills a drink, you can simply guide the Scooba to that spot and have it wash and wet-vac the area.

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