How to recover lost XP CD key?

(DISCLAIMER) This is not a method for circumventing Microsoft copyright protection. It IS however, a way to save the keys you already have a legal right to own and use.

Have you ever wanted to reinstall Windows, but couldn't remember where you left your CD package and CD key?

In older versions of windows we could find it easily like this.

Click Start, Run then type regedit
Navigate to:
The number is listed under ProductId

BUT in Windows XP we can't actually read that number since it is encrypted to keep unscrupulous people from stealing our registration information.

So here is the trick to accessing the CD key installed on your PC.
Download Magical Jellybean Keyfinder, just click the name that's underlined, this opens a new window, you then click (Direct Link) save the zipped file and extract it with winzip or the windows archive tool.
Open the folder and click keyfinder.exe.

NOW you not only have your XP CD key, but all other Microsoft CD keys installed on your PC.
Copy and paste all of them to notepad and print a hard copy.
Just to be safe, and in case you have decided to reinstall XP, and the other Microsoft products listed, you should also download and run CSharp-DriverBackup.exe to save all of your drivers. Burn those to a CD as well as a copy of your keys, and cruise the net worry free, knowing that YOU can easily restore your OWN PC if a disaster occurs.

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