ice maker will not dispense without hitting the reset switch?

Are you pushing back a little extra hard on the water/ice lever??? Water dispenses with just slight pressure, for ice you need to push harder and you will feel an extra click so to speak and then ice is dispensed.


To dispense water, press the water button on the control panel, The "Water" Icon on the control panel will illuminate, and then push the glass against the dispenser lever to the 1st detent.

• To dispense ice, select the ice type by pressing the ice type button untill the desired ice type icon is illuminated, and then push the glass all the way back to the 2nd detent.

Tip: Make sure child lock is off, and be sure and push the lever all the way back.


Hitting the hidden reset button may restart ice cycle, but it still quits after one tray. I suspect that the heating cycle doesn't turn on and the unit cannot dump the frozen ice in the tray, so it just bangs away until it finally quits with a full tray of frozen ice waiting to be dumped.

I have a similar problem and the heater is the issue. Replacing the entire unit for about $120 is cheaper than calling in a service person (who will probably just replace the unit as well). It's a 10 min job and worth the gamble.
After removing the ice tray compartment, there's a single screw on the left front side panel of the ice compartment that opens the panel exposing the electrical connection. The plug to the rear is connected to the ice maker. Unplug it and free the wire to the ice maker. The ice maker just slides out after pushing down on the release lever in front. I've had it in and out a dozen times trying different fixes. There's no plumbing connection to deal with.------------
The problem originates in the heating circuit that helps release the ice. Without heat, the fingers try to push out the ice, which won't release, and eventually start making noise as the motor jumps the gears.Get the ice maker replaced, instead of going for heater replaced.That cost approx near to new ice maker cost. --------------

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