Brushes will not turn and suction not working on Hoover SteamVac Upright Vacuum?

Hoover SteamVac Upright Vacuum not sucking any water, the culprit is the lid on the lower recovery tank. The lid on the lower tank (or dirty water tank) needs to hinge at the front and snap down at the back in order to creat a proper seal. If the lid snaps on but is not locked on at the front, you will not get any suction. Simply take the lid off, and ensure that when you put it back on, it must hinge on the front tabs of the tank.

Vacuum used with the hose attached. It will not work with the hose still attached to the front of the tank (some models only). Now when you try to use it there isn’t any suction. In this case, you are missing your tank duct. On models where the stair/upholstery hose attaches to the front of the recovery tank, one must remove a square plastic piece in order to attach the hose. This square plastic tank duct must be replaced before the Steamvac will operate properly in the upright position.

The culprit is under the recovery tank. Standing behind the steamvac with the lower tank off, to the right and front you will notice a round duct opening about 2 inches in diameter. This should have a rubber seal on it. If it is missing, look under the hood of the steamvac it may have fallen forward there.

You can remove the rack of brushes by pinching the tabs on either side and pulling it out. The plastic is clear so you can see if the brushes and gears are gummed up with hair and carpet fibres. Rinsing usually works best. There are two more things to check if this doesn’t solve the problem. First, check that the switch for the brushes is set to high. Second, look under the clear plastic piece near the switch (it is removable). There is a small screen that collects lint and hair (like a dryer screen!). This is the air intake for the turbine that drives the brushes. Clean it off and then check.

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