How to troubleshoot Amana Clothes Dryer?

In the world of clothes dryers these are worth keeping. No sense tossing this bad baby to the curb. Components are easily accessed and plentiful parts abound.

The control stat is mounted on the blower housing.

On some models a service panel on the base of the dryer makes it easy to access the heating components.

The drum rides on glides and rollers.

The electric heating element is mounted on the rear wall and the safety's are mounted with it in one package that is held by 2 quarter inch hex head screws.

Let's talk for a moment about Amana Gas dryers:

On gas models the assembly is similar to that of many brands of American gas dryers. Their is a flame sensor, an ignitor, and a pair of

Power from the control thermostat energizes the coils, ignitor, and flame sensor all at once. The coils cannot yank open the valve unless the ignitor and flame sensor drops out of the circuit. Them coils get IFFY with age. So if the ignitor and flame sensor is good then go ahead and replace them pesky coils.

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