How to Test a Laptop DVD-RW DVD+RW or CD?

Have you ever tried repairing a laptop which has a failed Optical drive, only to discover later that the drive itself wasn't bad after all? The problem we face as technicians is that a wrong diagnosis will result in permanent ownership of that Drive unless the vendor is willing to take it back.

Not all Laptop Optical drives are created the same. Most models have a unique bezel design that will not fit correctly into another laptop due to the shape of the bezel itself. This will require removal of the bezel, and may break the retention clips that hold it in place.

A better solution is available however.
This adapter which sells on Ebay for a mere 99 cents with 42 cents shipping (at the time of this tip)

Will allow you to attach and test ANY IDE based Laptop Optical drive to your desktop PC with a standard IDE cable and floppy power connector.

This model incorporates Sata to Laptop IDE Optical Drive compatibility.

And this model converts Laptop SATA to Desktop SATA.

So as you can see, testing without Bezel destruction is indeed possible for Laptop Optical drives of any type without the risk of damaging another laptop in the process. All of these adapters are reasonably priced, and some are priced so low that you can't possibly afford not to have one if you are a PC tech like me. All models shown are listed on Ebay right now, but since most of them ship from mainland China you will have about a 2 to 3 week delivery date.

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