Vehicle making Clunk Thump Thud noise?

Many car drivers notice such noises.

Its Clunk Thump Thud noise occurring from vehicle.

Basically this noise is heard  while
Accelerating, Changing Gears, Decelerating, while normal Driving or while Stop and Go Driving( while starting from stop).

To confirm this issues you first have to know when the noise is heard.
As per that the troubleshooting details is as follows :----

  • Noise while Acceleration or Deceleration  from front wheels.

In this case inspect CV Half-Shaft .It can be damaged or worn out CV Half-Shaft.

  • Noise coming from under the vehicle while changing gears.

In this case

1) Inspect U-Joint Retainer : Missing, Loose, Worn, or Damaged U-Joint Retainer.

2 Inspect U-Joint:   Loose, Worn, or Damaged U-Joint.

3 Inspect Transmission (Capacity):  Incorrect Transmission Fluid Level.

4 Inspect Transmission Seal:   Fluid Lost From Damaged or Faulty Transmission Seal.

5 Inspect Differential Seal:      Fluid Lost From Damaged or Faulty Differential Seal Is Dangerously Low.

6 Inspect Transmission Fluid Type: Contaminated Transmission Fluid.

7 Inspect Differential: Damaged or Faulty Rear Differential.

  • Noise coming from under the vehicle while driving.
In this case Check Tie Rod End. Worn out or Damaged Tie Rod Ends can cause the Clunk Thump Thud noise from vehicle.

  • Noise coming from under the vehicle while stop and go driving.

In this case motor mounts and transmission mounts both needs to be inspected.

Loose, Broken, Worn, or Damaged Motor Mount or transmission mount can cause this problem.

This details will help you.

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