Replacing Torsion Bar?

The details are For Acura Car model Torsion bar replacement.

This procedure is for Acura Integra,Acura Legend and Acura Vigor car models.

Its similar for 1986 to 1993 Acura car models.

Torsion Bar

The instructions are follows.

Also appropriate diagrams are provided for more understanding of the procedure.
To make the dis-assembly simple.


1986-89 Integra
See Figures 1, 2 and 3

Fig. Fig. 1: Torsion bar components-1986-89 Integra

Fig. Fig. 2: Grease the torque tube seal before assembly-1986-89 Integra

Fig. Fig. 3: Check the alignment of the torsion bars-1986-89 Integra
  1. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  2. Remove the height adjusting nut and the torque tube holder.
  3. Remove the 30mm circlip.
  4. Remove the torsion bar cap and the torsion bar clip by tapping the bar out of the torque tube. The torsion bar will slide easier by moving the lower arm up and down.
  5. Remove the torque tube.
To install:
  1. Inspect the torsion bar for cracks and/or damage; replace it if necessary.
  2. Install a new seal onto the torque tube. Coat the torque tube seal and tube with grease, install them on the rear beam.
  3. Grease the ends of the torsion bar and insert into the torque tube from the rear.
  4. Align the projection on the torque tube splines with the cutout in the torsion bar splines and insert the torsion bar approximately 0.394 in. (10mm). The torsion bar will slide easier if the lower arm is moved up and down.
  5. Install the torsion bar clip, the cap, the 30mm circlip and the torque tube cap.
Push the torsion bar forward so there is no clearance between the torque tube and the 30mm circlip.
  1. Coat the cap bushing with grease and install it on the torque tube. Install the torque tube holder.
  2. Temporarily tighten the height adjusting nut.
  3. Lower the vehicle to the ground. Adjust the torsion bar spring height.


See Figures 4 and 5

Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. Fig. 4: Measuring point for the front end height-1986-89 Integra

Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. Fig. 5: Height adjustment nut location-1986-89 Integra
  1. Measure the torsion bar spring height between the ground and the highest point of the wheel arch. The measurement should be 25.7 in. (653mm).
  2. If the spring height does not meet the specification above, make the following adjustment.
    1. Raise and support the vehicle with the front wheels hanging.
    2. Adjust the spring height by turning the height adjusting nut. Tightening the nut raises the height and loosening the nut lowers the height.
The height varies 0.20 in. (5mm)/revolution of the adjusting nut.
  1. Lower the front wheels to the ground, then roll and bounce the vehicle up and down several times and recheck the spring height to make sure it is within specifications.

This details will help.


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