How to replace Master Cylinder on Audi A4 & VW passat models?

The master cylinder replacing procedure for both Audi and Volkswagen is similar.

Master Cylinder
REMOVAL & INSTALLATION details are as follows:---

The clutch master and slave cylinders should be replaced as a pair. If one unit fails, the other usually will fail soon after.
The procedure is mentioned below:-----
Remove the necessary trim panel or carpet.
Disconnect the pushrod at the clutch pedal.
Remove the cap on the reservoir tank. On some vehicles, there is a clutch master cylinder reservoir, while on others there is a common reservoir shared with the brake master cylinder. Remove the float container, if equipped. Remove the screen and remove enough brake fluid from the tank until the level drops below the connection for the filler pipe.
On A4 and 1998-00 Passat models, detach the supply hose from the master cylinder reservoir and plug.
Remove the lower/left instrument panel trim. Then, detach the master cylinder actuating rod where it attaches to the pedal mechanism.
Remove the supply hose from the master cylinder and drain into a small, suitable container, and then plug the hose. Disconnect the line to the slave cylinder. Remove the retaining bolts and remove the master cylinder from the firewall.

To install:

Install the clutch master cylinder in position. Make sure all bushings remain in position.
Tighten the master cylinder mounting bolts to 6.5 ft. lbs. (9 Nm).
Tighten the fluid connections to 12 ft. lbs. (16 Nm).
Fill and bleed the system.

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