How to Replace Ignition switch on Ford?

The details to Replace ignition switch on Ford vehicle is as follows:---

Ignition Switch
REMOVAL & INSTALLATION Procedure is mentioned below:---

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Remove the upper steering column shroud.
  3. Remove the key release lever, if equipped.
  4. Remove the lower steering column shroud.
  5. Disconnect the ignition switch electrical harness.
  6. Rotate ignition switch lock cylinder to the RUN position.
  7. Remove the screw retaining the ignition switch.
  8. Disconnect the ignition switch from the actuator.
  9. image 

  10. Fig. Ignition switch location on the steering column
To install:

A new replacement ignition switch assembly will be set in the RUN position when received.

  1. Adjust the ignition switch by sliding the carrier to the ignition switch RUNposition.
  2. Ensure that the ignition switch lock cylinder is in the RUN position. The RUNposition is achieved by rotating the ignition switch lock cylinder approximately 90 degrees from the LOCK position.
  3. Install the ignition switch into the actuator. It may be necessary to move the ignitions switch slightly back and forth to align the ignition switch mounting holes with the lock cylinder housing threaded holes.
  4. Install the retaining screws and tighten to 50-69 inch lbs. (6-8 Nm).
  5. Connect the electrical harness.
  6. Connect the negative battery cable.
  7. Check the ignition switch for proper function including START and ACCpositions. Also ensure that the steering column is in the LOCK position.
  8. Install the key release lever, if equipped.
  9. Install the steering column shrouds.

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