How to replace Fuel injectors on Ford Windstar?

The details to replace Fuel injectors are as follows:---

Fuel Injectors
REMOVAL & INSTALLATION instructions with diagram is shown below:----

  1. Remove the upper intake manifold.
  2. Remove the fuel injection supply manifold.
  3. Carefully remove the fuel charging wiring harness connectors from the fuel injectors. 

    Fig. Fuel injectors are attached to the fuel charging wiring harness with two-terminal connectors
  4. Pull fuel injector body up while gently rocking fuel injector from side to side.
To install:
  1. Inspect fuel injector O-rings for signs of deterioration and replace as required.
    never use silicone grease on fuel injectors.
  2. Lubricate O-rings with clean engine oil and install fuel injectors using a slight twisting motion.
  3. Install fuel injection supply manifold.
  4. Install the fuel charging wiring connectors.
  5. Install the upper intake manifold.

This will help.

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