How to replace FRONT SUSPENSION For Acura 1986 to 1993?

The front suspension replacing procedure for Acura car models is mentioned below:----

Details are as follows :---

The 1986-89 Integra uses a torsion bar type front suspension. A torsion bar differs from the more traditional coil spring in that instead of have a helical spiral to the spring element that compresses, the torsion bar is a straight element. The straight bar is anchored at one end and has a lower arm attached to the other. The lower arm is connected to the lower control arm and as the suspension moves up and down, the lower arm twists the torsion bar. In fact, a coil spring is nothing more than a torsion bar that has been twisted into a coil shape.

The upper portion of the suspension is located by a damper unit similar to a MacPherson strut, but minus the coil spring. The lower portion of the suspension is a sickle shaped control arm that the torsion bar lower arm attaches to. The stabilizer bar also attaches to the lower control arm. The lower control arm is also known as the radius arm.

The Legend, Vigor and 1990-93 Integra use a sophisticated racing style suspension called a double wishbone. Lower and upper control arms shaped like wishbones support the steering knuckle. The steering knuckle holds the bearing and hub assembly. A standard spring seat shock with a split lower end to allow the drive axle to pass through is utilized along with a coil spring. Unlike a MacPherson strut, the shock and spring do not rotate with the steering input. The use of a double wishbone system allows for a reduced hood height for styling and aerodynamics, plus better control of the suspension geometry.

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