How to Replace Brake Disc Rotors on Ford?

The Brake Disc Rotor replacing procedure is as follows:---

The Front Brake Disc (Rotor)
REMOVAL & INSTALLATION Details are mentioned below: ----

Raise and support the vehicle safely.
Remove the wheels.
Remove the brake caliper and suspend it out of the way using a piece of wire.
If excessive force must be used during front disc brake rotor removal, the front disc brake rotor should be checked for lateral run-out prior to installation.

Remove the front disc brake rotor by pulling it evenly from the hub.
If additional force is required to remove the rotor from the hub, apply a penetrating oil to the front and rear rotor-to-hub mating surfaces. Strike the rotor using a plastic hammer between the studs. If this does not work, remove the rotor using a 2-3 jaw puller.

To install:

Failure to clean rust and foreign material from the rotor and hub mounting faces when installing a rotor will result in high rotor lateral run-out.

If a new rotor is being installed, remove the protective coating with brake cleaning fluid. If this coating is not removed, it will contaminate the brake pads.
Apply a small amount of silicone grease to the pilot diameter of the front disc brake rotor.
Install the brake rotor on the front wheel hub.
Install the brake caliper.
Failure to tighten the lug nuts to the proper torque in a star pattern may result in damage to the brake rotor.

Install the wheel and tighten lug nuts to 83-112 ft. lbs. (113-153 Nm).
Lower the vehicle.
Pump the brake pedal to seat the brake pads.

Also view this removal Diagram:---

Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. Rotors are retained using push-on nuts. Use wire cutters to remove the nuts

Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. The rotor is removed by simply sliding it off the studs

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