How to Replace AC Defroster Door on Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX?

The procedure is similar for both ford and Lincoln car models:-----

Defroster Door Removal & Installation details are as follows:---

The defrost/panel/floor mode door actuator can be accessed from below the driver side of the instrument panel.

It is not required to install the new defrost/panel/floor mode door linkage parts included in the defrost/panel/floor mode door actuator service part kit if only the mode door actuator requires replacement and the linkage parts are not broken or binding.

  1. For mode door actuator and linkage perform the following:
    1. Remove the 3 defrost/panel/floor mode door actuator screws.
    2. Disconnect the defrost/panel/floor mode door actuator electrical connector.
    3. Remove the defrost/panel/floor mode door actuator.
    4. Manually operate, and inspect the defrost/panel/floor mode door linkage for incorrect placement or damage.
  2. For mode door actuator linkage only, perform the following:
    1. Depress the tab and remove the panel door lever.
    2. Remove the floor/defrost door intermediate lever screw and floor/defrost door intermediate lever.
    3. Pull straight outward to remove the floor/defrost door lever.

      Click image to see an enlarged view
      Fig. Removing the mode door linkage
  3. For mode door actuator and linkage, perform the following:
    When installing the mode door actuator, make sure that the panel door lever and floor/defrost intermediate lever are correctly aligned with the mode door actuator cam.
To install:
To install, reverse the removal procedure.

These details will help.


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