How to Replace AC Condenser on Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX?

The procedure is similar for both ford and Lincoln car models:-----

The Ac condenser Replacing details are as follows:----

The A/C condenser for this vehicle is produced from the factory with a receiver/drier desiccant bag installed in the integrated receiver/drier. This receiver/drier desiccant bag may become contaminated with moisture if the A/C condenser is not installed for an extended period of time. Since it cannot be determined how much time has elapsed between production and installation of the unit as a service part, the receiver/drier desiccant bag must be removed and replaced with the separate receiver/drier desiccant bag, which is supplied together with the A/C condenser service part kit.

The O-ring seals used on this vehicle are not interchangeable with all similarly sized O-ring seals used on other Ford products. Use only the O-ring seals specified for this vehicle in the Ford master parts catalog.

  1. Recover refrigerant.
  2. Position vehicle on a hoist.
  3. Drain the engine coolant.
  4. Remove the front bumper cover.
  5. Remove the cooling fan.
  6. Release the upper radiator hose clamp at the radiator and disconnect the hose.
  7. Release the 2 radiator bracket clips from the radiator support and position the radiator rearward.
  8. Release the 2 condenser lines from the clips at the radiator.
  9. Remove the condenser outlet and inlet fitting bolts and disconnect the fittings. Discard the o-ring seals. To install, tighten to 53 inch lbs. (6 lbs.).
  10. Remove the 2 condenser bolts. To install, tighten to 53 inch lbs. (6 Nm).
    The condenser core must be removed from above the vehicle.
  11. Remove the condenser core. 

    Fig. Removing and installing the condenser core
  12. To install, reverse the removal procedure. Install new o-ring seals lubricated in clean PAG oil. Lubricate the refrigerant system with the correct amount of clean PAG oil.
  13. Fill the engine cooling system.
  14. Evacuate, leak test and charge the refrigerant system.

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