Engine keeps on running with Car turned OFF?

Customers Complaint --- turn off ignition switch, engine keeps running?

In this case first try this.
It can be faulty ignition switch.
So unplug the ignition switch and try disconnecting the battery terminal,then see if the engine is still running or not.
IF NOT,then its faulty ignition switch.

But IF YES,then
If it runs out by itself and sputters, it is actually dieseling. This is usually caused by too advanced ignition timing. Try unhooking the vaccuum advance to see if it helps. There are other causes, but this is most common.

Also to shut if off if its carb engine then,
put your hand over the carburetor intake and choke it out or unplug the distributor wire.
Then see,if it helps.If yes then its short somewhere to the wiring.
It has to be checked,inspected.

This will help.

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