How to Replace ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement Procedure

One Of the reason for ABS System not working well is due to faulty Wheel Speed Sensor.

Once its checked and confirmed that problem is related Wheel Speed Sensor.

Follow the details below to replace the ABS Sensor

ABS is related to Anti-lock braking system.

ABS system is one of the very helpful safety feature introduced in automobile industry.

                               The key task of this engineering is to protect  vehicle against wheel lockup, during a period when short-term wheel spinning is required for right braking on slippery types of surface.

                               Wheel speed sensors watch  the speed of wheels and assist in liberating required brake pressure for the duration of hard braking. Now there is a toothed wheel to detect the vehicle speed.The toothed wheel is by the magnetic sensor. 

                               These sensor recognize the wheel speed and deliver the information to ABS computer module. And With that wheel speed record the ABS module manages the brake and relieve activity.

                              Suppose if the ABS speed sensor stops working and gets faulty, then ABS module will not get accurate report of exact Wheel speed and due to these  the unusual braking problems will be noticed and unexpected braking on low speeds will be seen. 
So indirectly when you notice Any braking issues you know that there is some thing wrong with ABS system and most common part to fail is ABS Wheel Speed Sensor.

Go through the DIY for Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement:

First thing ABS wheel speed sensors operates on battery power. So before doing anything,first disconnect battery connections.
After that next you will have to Lift the car using jacks and safety stands on the axle.Please make sure you give proper support to the vehicle so that it dont slope down.

The ABS sensors are situated behind the wheel assembly, so  you have to take out the wheel. 
To get the wheel out you will need wrench tools. With the help of wrench turn it counterclockwise on the lug nuts to remove the wheel off the hub. 

Once the wheel assembly is out you will see the sensor on the hub.Its a black assembly placed on the hub. As per our garage repair experience,we have noticed on many such cases that cleaning the sensor helps to take care of these problem.

So when you view the sensor,make sure it looks old and worn out.Many a times sensor just gets dirty and dust collected on its body.If you notice such thing then just clean the sensor with cleaner and see if the same problem is there or not.
Thoroughly clean the oil layer collected on the sensor and sensor wiring connectors with a fine cloth. If you have same problem with sensor cleaned then you have to replace it with new sensor.

Now while replacing the sensor,don't just pull the old sensor out.There is a cable connector which holds the sensor,.Carefully disconnect that cable.You will need to connect these cable to new sensor which you replace.

Make sure you buy branded sensor part,instead of cheap local aftermarket parts.Go for branded parts.It will give you accurate performance and results to retain proper functioning of ABS. 

On some car models the sensor is help by few screws or nut bolts.If yours have it,then dont forget to fit screws to new sensor to make it fir properly in place.

Before removing old sensor, mark down the position of sensor placement.The new sensor has to be placed in same manner,if any difference is noticed then new sensor may not detect correct results and wrong report will be supplied to ABS module.
Once the sensor is fitted connect the connector to it and then reverse the dis-assembly procedure. 

  • Re-install the wheel assembly .
  • Take the car off the jack stands. 
  • Reconnect the disconnected battery terminals.

The sensors are on both rear and front axle. But the procedure for replacing ABS sensors on both front and rear axles very much similar.

Don't do it alone,get the help of helper to make your task easy.

For longer life of your vehicle,make sure you get your vehicle serviced regularly and maintained well.

Make sure you use correct oil and fluids for lubrication and cooling on engine components.

Hope these tips help you to take care of ABS wheel speed sensor replacing procedure.

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