Chrysler Town & Country: Air Bag Module Removal And Disarming

Safely Remove Airbag

1) Air bag Disarming.

2) Air Bag Removal.

Both this key points are shared and discussed below with helpful diagram.

Before working on replacement of any part component related to steering,instrument cluster,control panel etc please make sure you disarm the Airbag.

Failure to do so may cause accidental deployment of the air bag, resulting in unnecessary SIR system repairs and/or personal injury.

Follow the points mentioned below to remove Air Bag:-----

First of all without forget disconnect and isolate the negative (ground) battery cable. Now after the first step allow the system capacitor to discharge for at least 2 minutes before continuing with the removal procedure. Because there is certain capacitor in the system which holds the charge in it even if the battery is disconnected.

This will disable the air bag system.


  • Position the front wheels  in the straight-ahead position.
  • Turn the ignition key cylinder to the LOCK position and remove the key. 
  • Turn the steering wheel a 1 / 2 turn toward the left until the steering column becomes locked in position.
  • Remove the 3 bolts attaching the air bag module to the steering wheel. 
  • Remove the air bag module. 

See below in the diagram which shows How exactly Air Bag is Attached to the Steering Wheel Assembly:

Please Note: The airbag is attached to the steering wheel by three fasteners
Steering Wheel

See below Air Bag Removed From Steering wheel:

After the airbag is unbolted from the steering wheel .

Air BagRemoval

Hold On, once the airbag is unbolted don't just pull it.There are few electrical connectors to be disconnected

Disconnect the wiring connectors from the air bag module, horn switch and speed control switches.
Remove the routing clip for the wiring harness from the air bag module studs.

See below the Diagram Showing how to disconnect the Connectors before removing Air Bag out:

You will have reach behind and unplug the electrical connections

remove Air bag

Now the Main Part:

Most of car owners don't care about safety.Please don't ignore safety.Airbag is dangerous to be carried carelessly or kept anywhere. Preserve it in safe place.

Please follow this basic safety rule:

  • When carrying a live air bag, make sure the bag and trim cover are pointed away from the body. 
  • In the unlikely event of an accidental deployment, the bag will then deploy with minimal chance of injury. 
  • When placing a live air bag on a bench or other surface make sure you always face the bag and trim cover up, away from the surface. 
This will reduce the motion of the module if  in case it is accidentally deployed.

See below the correct form of holding the air bag:

Removed Airbag chrysler

Always hold the airbag away from your body when transporting it to a storage area as shown in above image.

This details will help you.

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