Chevy silverado: Temp gauge on rear view mirror not working

Silverado Rear View Mirror Not Working

Rear view mirror mounts of some Chevrolet Silverado models have features like a compass, a temperature gauge, and emergency Onstar support. The most common issues that affect the electrical rear view mirrors on Chevy Silverados are blown-out fuses and loose electrical connectors.

It can be the issue with BCM. The Body Control Module takes care of many accessories to your vehicle, there is a possibility  module is shorted or gone faulty.. Also on some cases this occurs due to , adding extra accessories to the system which overload the circuits. If the problem does not self-correct, then the body module may be damaged.And needs to be replaced.

Just for your information There is the button on the mirror that turns it on and off. Please check that button.If its not turned ON or it looks bit loose.

Another thing i will suggest is you check the electrical connector to the mirror.
It is located just above the mirror in the cable running behind the cover attached to the window. On many such similar cases it was poor contact there.
Also i would like you to test is
Are you getting any display in the mirror at all?
Are any of the lights working?
The Air Bag light is in the bottom of the mirror, does it still work?

I do not think it is a problem with the power to the mirror as it shares power with several other things in the interior and you would know if a fuse was blown. But still inspect the fuse box for any blown fuse.If there is then replace the fuse and see.

Lift off the cover of the under hood fuse block and locate the fuse labeled "INTPARK." Check this fuse.
Also without forget check "SIR" fuse
Other wise it is loose connection,shorted pcb or its issue with body control module.

This will help.

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