Chrysler Town & Country:How to check transmission fluid level?

How To Flush Transmission Fluid Reservoir

Details For 2008 Chrysler Town & country.

First of all it has no dipstick to measure the trans fluid level.
on older model Chrysler there is dipstick located on driver's side of engine compartment.

If there is no dipstick then there is usually a fluid level check bolt on transmission this helps to chec the level of trans fluid.
Or the other option is dealer tool to measure the fluid level.
These tool is called Miller tool number 9336 . It is required to check the fluid level along with an appropriate scan tool to check fluid temperature.

Since fluid level varies so greatly with temperature catastrophic damage can be done by overfilling or underfilling the trans by a small amount.

To check the fluid level the fluid temperature reading has to be taken, referencing the chart  below will help:---
In the chart you have to see how many millimeters of fluid it should show for the given temperature, and then reading the fluid level with the Miller dipstick which is labeled in millimeters.
 View the link below to go through the chart:


The tool can be order from any chrysler dealer.
you can also order it yourself from Miller at millerspecialtools.spx.com. Miller number 9336 has superceded to 9336A and you'll actually see it over on the right side of the home page near the search box, it's one of the most common items they sell. 
Also there are some auto parts store dealing with aftermarket compatible tools,you can also ask about that to Auto parts store.

9336 is used on all Chrysler vehicles that don't come with a dipstick from 2005 to present, except for Sprinter vans.

NOW for flushing the trans with BG Machine

While system flush some of the fluid gets lost or use up.
Since you can't ever tell how much fluid the BG machine will be short while doing the flush or how much will be lost during the flush there really isn't a way to add a set amount of fluid and have it at the correct level for sure.

Including flush its also recommended to replace the trans fluid filter.By age these filter gets filled up by dirt and debris.So instead of cleaning the filter and re-using same old filter,its advisable to replace the filter by its time.

The flush procedure is as follows:---

1) First of all you have to fill the machine by opening the valve on the lower line on the left side, open the filler shutoff and add fluid until it stops taking it. Fill the fluid till it takes,but dont overfill it.Then close the lower line and the filler.

2) Also you can add the flush chemical to the trans and let the engine run few minutes while you are filling the machine.

3) After that remove one of the cooler lines from the top of the trans. 
You will need to use  the 3/8" Jiffy Tite adapters with the machine to connect one hose from the machine to the trans line, the other to the fitting on the trans.Make sure its all connected properly and not very loose.

4) After that start the engine and then turn the valve on the top of the machine clockwise. This will start the flush procedure.

5) When the flush is done the inlet pressure gauge on the machine will drop and the outlet pressure will go up.When its done shut the engine off and allow time for pressure in the lines to release. 

Remove the lines and then reinstall the trans line.

Start the engine, check and adjust the fluid level.

Trans fluid flush is done.

Hope these helps.

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