How to Replace Ignition Switch on Jeep

Is the Key Ignition switch Easy to replace on Jeep grand Cherokee

Yes exactly, replacing ignition switch assembly is not that difficult on jeep models.Ignition switch problems are not very common on jeep models.But when you notice problems like car not starting with key or car key getting stuck up in ignition or key not coming out of ignition switch then these is indication of ignition switch failure.
On some cases at our auto garage repair store we see that car will actually not turn OFF even with key out of Ignition and ignition in OFF mode.These is because ignition switch is faulty,its not getting to the OFF mode.

On such cases ignition switch replacement is necessary.

To perform Ignition switch replacing the procedure is as follows:------------

The switch isn't bad to replace and is something you can probably handle without too much trouble.You just need basic tools to perform these repair.

You will also have to remove some other parts to access the ignition switch the details are as mentioned below :-----

  • First remove the steering column shrouds, the plastic covers on the column behind the steering wheel. There will be a couple Philips screws up from the bottom side. After they're removed then pop the covers off and set them aside.
  • After that Next remove the multifunction (turn signal/wiper) switch. Once the column shrouds are off you'll see two silver T-20 Torx screws right on top, remove these and pull the switch straight up. Here you have two options ,you can either unplug the connectors and get the switch out of the way or leave it plugged in and just raise it up. Anything is ok.

Once these previous step is done,you have now reached the ignition switch .The ignition switch is on the left side of the steering column. Slide the red lock tab on the connector back, squeeze the main lock and slide the connector off. The switch will get loose but not come out.There is a simple reason for that.

There should be a single tamper proof Torx screw that holds the ignition switch to the column, which will be a T-10 or T-15. Once the screw is removed then pull the switch to the left and off the column.And it will easily come out.

Many newbies just pull the ignition switch without removing these screw and it will not come out without removing these screw.

Also while reassembly without fail reconnect all parts right.

These details will help.

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