How To Replace Vehicle Speed Sensor

Automobile Speed Sensor Replacing Instructions:

First Short Description about vehicle speed, speedometer and Speed Sensor:

The Vehicle speed is shown on the speedometer.
There are two types in speedometer.One is digital and other is needle.
The speed of vehicle is shown by numbers or the needle in speedo meter shows what speed the vehicle is running.

The speed pace of each and every vehicle is identified with the help of a speedometer. Speedometer displays the speed of the vehicle, which is revealed by a needle and is controlled by the speed sensor.

Basics of  speed sensor?
This magnetic coil, known as a vehicle speed sensor, is situated at the bottom part of the transmission system in every vehicle. The model however, may differ according to the vehicle in which it is fixed. The primary role of speed sensor is to calculate the shifts of the gears and send out the information to the dashboard speedometer.

If speed sensor goes faulty or stops working then the speedometer may be not capable to show the correct speed of the vehicle, which may indicate that there is some issue in the transmission system.

So When to replace the Speed Sensor?
If you realize that the speedometer is not performing appropriately, so this indicates that the vehicle speed sensor has become dysfunctional and may need to be replaced.

Once you are confirm that issue is related to faulty speed sensor it has to be replaced to retain the working of speedometer smoothly as before.

Its not very hard to replace speed sensor.Once you locate the speed sensor,then its just few screws to be loosen to replace it.

For DIY follow the steps below:

1) The speed sensor is located beneath the vehicle.So to access the speed sensor vehicle has to be lift on jack stands. I suggest to use a floor jack to lift the vehicle off the ground and hold it in place while you replace the sensor. Make sure you give proper support to the vehicle.

For that best trick is once the car has been lifted high up from the ground level place the jack stands on either side to hold the vehicle steady.Please take help of someone to perform this.

2) Now once the vehicle is lifted up and its steady, Slide underneath the vehicle to get to the transmission system.
There you will need to locate the speed sensor.Its the sensor with a small plug located towards the bottom and hooked up with an electric cord.

You have to remove the sensor from the electrical plug.
For that crunch the ending of it to release the part.

The sensor is out.

3) You have to replace it with new sensor.
But wait before directly fitting new sensor, without forget clean the electrical plug.Mostly there will be oil and black carbon dust collected.So clean it properly.Then attach new sensor to the plug and refit in reverse.

NOTE: On some car models sensor fits directly to its housing,but on some models there is simple trick,that is after fitting sensor in a straight position, you have to rotate it in clockwise direction to fix it. To secure it properly, you can also use a wrench.

Now follow the dis-assembly in reverse to complete the sensor assembly procedure.

  • Reconnect the wires in the transmission.
  • Remove the jack stands carefully and bring down the automobile back on the ground. 


Please make sure you buy branded parts.Using local parts which are quite cheap to original will not give accurate results and also not last long as required.
Compare both old and new sensor to make sure you got correct part.

Once you replace the sensor,its time to test your sensor performance.
For that drive your vehicle around for few miles. And view the speedometer needle.If the speedo unit needle is displaying the correct speed, then you know that you did it correctly.
But if the speedometer is displaying wrong speed then you either left some thing unplugged or missed some thing.
Recheck start to end.Or else its faulty new sensor causing these.
But with branded parts,this hardly happens that new par is faulty.

Hope these procedure helps to make your Vehicle speed sensor replacement successful.

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