Honda Accord: Steering Column


For honda model vehicles

Remove the steering column as follows.

First Remove the driver-s air bag assembly.
Next Remove the steering wheel.
After that Remove the steering column covers.
Then Remove the steering joint cover.
Once the steering cover is out you will have to release the tilt/telescopic lever and adjust the column in the full up position.
Tighten the tilt/telescopic lever.
Hold the slider shaft on the column using a piece of wire .

See below slider shaft wire positioning procedure is shown:

honda steering column removal

Once the above step is complete ,Release the tilt/telescopic lever and adjust the column to the full up position

Tighten the tilt/telescopic lever

Disconnect the wire harness from the combination switch and remove the switch

Disconnect the connectors from the ignition switch and release the wire harness clips from the column

Remove the steering joint bolt and disconnect the steering joint from the pinion shaft

Remove the steering column retaining nuts and remove the column from the vehicle.

Make sure you not down position of each and every connection before disconnecting.

This helps in reassembly.

This will help.

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