Honda pilot: Rear door lock won't open from inside

Rear door won't open from inside But works fine from outside

Rear doors won't open from the inside. It's as if the child door lock feature is always on.But all works good with outside.

As per ,my experience the inside door handles probably got disconnected from the cables. 
I suggest you to remove the door panels and check.

Also if  you compare with the front door handles they  have more resistance then the inside door handles in the back seat.

ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING,please read as follows:

If you know, the rear doors have an in-obtrusive little physical switch down low where you don't notice it, that disables the inside door latches - a child safety feature. 
Many a times this switch gets disabled for both doors.

Also power window operating switch is there,so dont get mixed up with that.

Some car owners refer to the power window disable switch on the driver's door as the "child switch" not knowing there was a separate physical switch on each door.


The door will not open from key or from outside or inside.

If it does not open with the key from out side or inside that means either a rod came off or the latch is frozen.
In case of  latch is frozen thats a dealer issue.It has to be repaired by auto technician.
To confirm the problem, you can quickly check if its a rod .
To do so, remove the inner door handle and see if the rod is attached and try to pull it and see if the door opens.
If not it fell off at the latch or the latch itself is bad that again would be a dealer issue.
Removing the door panel with the door stuck shut is a job in itself.These are the next steps.

This will help.

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