1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee: How to Replace Automatic Transmission?

Automatic Transmission Replacement Procedure

4.0L engine jeep grand Cherokee Automatic transmission Removal and installation procedure.


To remove the transmission follow the list below in similar order as mentioned:-

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Raise and support the vehicle safely.Please make sure its properly supported.If equipped, remove the skid plate. If the transmission is being removed for repair, drain the fluid and re-install the pan.If transmission fluid is not drained it can leak while further disassembly. So please make sure you drain the transmission fluid properly.

Once this is done,now its time to remove drive shafts  Keep marker pens ready for driveshaft position marking. Match mark the driveshaft yokes and remove both driveshafts.

After this its time to disconnect wires and connectors.

Disconnect the vehicle speed wires, transmission solenoid wires and park-neutral position switch wires. Unclip the wire harness from the transmission clips.Wire by age gets very old and form cracks or breaks easily,so don't pull wires,just unplug/ disconnect it slowly.

See below the Transmission disassembly diagram:

jeep Cherokee transmission removal

Now Disassembly for transfer case assembly starts:

For that first disconnect the transfer case shift linkage from the lever.
Then remove the linkage and bracket from the transfer case. 
Properly Position the linkage aside.
Remove the nuts attaching the transfer case to the overdrive unit gear case.
Place a jack under the transfer case and remove the case.

Once the transfer case is out,removal of Transmission assembly starts:

    Make sure you properly support the transmission with the jack.
  1. Remove the rear transmission crossmember.
  2. Remove the exhaust Y-pipe.
  3. Remove the crankshaft position sensor.
  4. Disconnect the gearshift linkage from the lever on the transmission.
  5. Remove the transmission shift linkage torque shaft assembly from the transmission and frame rail. Position it aside.
  6. Remove the transmission-to-engine brackets.
  7. Remove the dust cover from the transmission converter housing.
  8. Remove the starter.
  9. Remove the bolts attaching the converter to the driveplate.
  10. Disconnect the cooler fluid lines from the transmission.
  11. Disconnect the solenoid and park/neutral position switch wires.
  12. Remove the transmission fill tube and discard the O-ring.
  13. Lower the jack to gain access to the upper portion of the transmission.
  14. Remove the bolts attaching the transmission to the engine.
  15. Slide the transmission back and secure a C-clamp to the converter.
  16. Move the transmission rearward until it clears the engine block dowels.

NOTE: On some models, part of the flange joining the vehicle cab and dash panel may interfere with transmission removal. If necessary peen this part of the flange over with a mallet.

Finally remove the transmission.

Now to install new transmission assembly,you will have to follow the removal procedure in reverse.

Here is the basic help procedure to install:

Please make sure that the torque converter hub and hub drive are free from sharp edges, scratches or nicks. 

If it looks dull and rough, then you can Polish with 400 grit sandpaper if necessary.To make it look smooth and shiny.

A machine grease will be required.Its required to lubricate the converter hub and pump seal with high temperature grease.

Properly Secure the C-clamp to the converter.

Ensure the dowel pins are seated in the engine block and protrude far enough to align the transmission.

Properly Align the transmission with the engine dowels and converter with the driveplate. 
Install 2 transmission bolts to keep it in place.So that its fitted at proper alignment.

Remove the C-clamp and install the torque converter bolts. Tighten the bolts as follows:
  • 3 lug converter-40 ft. lbs. (54 Nm)
  • 4 lug, except 10.75 inch converter-55 ft. lbs. (74 Nm)
  • 4 lug, 10.75 inch converter-270 inch lbs. (31 Nm)
Now one by one install all the components which you removed while disassembly.
The proper order of each component is as follows:----

Install the starter.

Install the strut brackets securing the transmission to the engine and front axle.

Install and tighten the remaining transmission-to-engine bolts.

Install the crankshaft position sensor.

Install the transmission filler tube with a new O-ring.

Install the exhaust system components.

Install the shift linkage torque bracket.

Connect the shift linkage to the transmission.

Connect the harness connectors disconnected during removal.

Install the rear crossmember.
Install the transfer case. Tighten the nuts as follows: 

  • 3 / 8 stud nuts-35 ft. lbs. (47 Nm)
  • 5 / 16 stud nuts-26 ft. lbs. (35 Nm)

Install the damper on the transfer case rear retainer if removed. Tighten the nuts to 40 ft. lbs. (54 Nm).

Connect the transfer case shift linkage.

Connect the fluid cooler lines to the transmission.

Align and install the driveshafts. Tighten the U-joint clamp bolts to 170 inch lbs. (19 Nm).

Fill the transfer case to the proper level with fluid.

Lower the vehicle.

Connect the negative battery cable.

Fill the transmission to the proper level with the appropriate fluid.

Check the transmission control cables, adjust if necessary.

Check and adjust the transmission and transfer case shift linkage.

It should all work right,if you followed each and every step by order.

This will help.


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