Upper Ball Joints inspection and replacement?

The details are as follows :-----


  1. Shake the ball joint stud a few times, then install the nut to the stud and use a preload socket (MB990326 or equivalent) and an inch lb. torque wrench to measure the breakaway torque of the ball joint. The reading should be 3-22 inch lbs. (0.3-2.5 Nm).
  2. If the measured value is higher than the standard, the upper control arm must be replaced.
  3. If the value is lower than the standard, check that the ball joint turns smoothly without excessive plate. If so, the ball joint is OK.

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Fig. Measure the torque of the ball joint to see if it needs to be replaced
  1. Also, check the ball joint dust cover for cracks or other damage, if found, the upper control arm must be replaced.

Removal & Installation

The upper ball joint is an integral part of the upper control arm. If the ball joint becomes worn or damaged, the control arm must be replaced.

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