How to remove rear spark plugs on 1991 Buick Regal?

The engine has to be rotated to do this.

To rotate engine forward:

  • Place the transaxle in Neutral.

  • Remove the air cleaner assembly and coolant recovery bottle.

  • Unfasten the torque strut-to-engine bracket bolts and swing the torque struts aside.

  • Replace the passenger side torque strut-to-engine bracket bolt in the engine bracket.

  • Position a prybar in the bracket so that it contacts the bracket and the bolt.

  • Rotate the engine by pulling forward on the prybar.

  • Align the slave hole in the driver side torque strut to the engine bracket hole.

  • Retain the engine in this position using the torque strut-to-engine bracket bolt.

  • OR do what i have done:

    • remove the torque struts (front engine supports)
    • use a ratcheting strap hooked on backside of engine to the upper radiator cross support(or hook it over the front bumper), ratchet the strap until engine tilts forward enough to reach spark plugs

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