Check Powertrain message and Safety Mode Reduced Performance on Holden VZ Commodore?

In this case the customer first got oil warning light.The oil was fillied and warning light got cleared after that
Power train message came up.
Getting scanned at local Auto centers did not help to retrieve the correct codes.

On that basis the troubleshooting is as follows :----

I have come across this were the engine control unit (ecu) looses communication with all other modules via the gateway- power interface Module(PIM) or body control module (BCM) as a result of this you will have a service vehicle soon message on your instrument cluster (IPC) a check power train light on your IPC and a low fuel warning message in your IPC. Did the people who put diagnostic tools on your car have a controller area network diagnostic interface (CANDI) tool connected with thier scan tool? if not they would not of been able to communicate with the ECM.If not then it has to be scanned at Nearest Holden dealer ship.
In one  of same case with other customer the problem was ECU.

In his case the customer tried every possibility to rectify the problem but ended up getting the ute into a Holden Dealer .They told  that the ECU was gone and it's $1265 (fitted) for a new one.
LUCKILY, there was warranty left and  warranty covers up to $1250 so only cost he paid was  $132 that is there service charge for fault finding.

This details will help.

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