Software Sony IC Recorder Software on PC?

How to listen Sony IC Recorder on PC?

Sony IC recorder has 90 hour recording facility on it.

With the recorder you get its downloading software cd and a usb cable connector.

If you want to use the Sony recorder on PC.Then first download its software on your PC.

Once the software is loaded,connect the usb cable from sony recorder to PC.

Now go to Digital Voice Editor software. The software will have the files located on the recorder on the left side of the screen, and files located on the PC on the right side of the screen.

If your PC is not supporting digital voice software,.then i suggest you to click the link below and load the software.

Now click on the voice files that you want to transfer on to your PC.Now Once the required files are ransferred from recorder to PC.Save the files.Give any simple And easy to rememnber name to the saved files.

Now disconnect the usb cable and Go to the location on the computer where the files are saved. The file will be in .msv (Memory Stick Voice File) format.

Open the file and listen the recording in media player.

Its simple.This will help.

If you dont have software instructions for your Soy IC recorder.Then i suggest you to click the link below :---

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