Headlights flickering and car hesitates to start?

Its a battery problem.
Replace the battery.First test before replacing the battery.

Sounds like you may have a charging system problem ,, a normale charging system will put out 13.5 to 14.5 volts , so if you have a volt meter you can put it across the battery and watch it to see if it goes above 15 volts or below 13 volts if it does then the alternator may have a problem ,, try to load the electrical system up when you do this like put the headlamps on , put the a/c blower on high , etc ,,, and the charging system should stay above 13 volts ,

The starting problem , sounds like it will get fixed by getting the battery and cables being cleaned and secured.

The charging system now adays dont just fail ,, the intermittently mess up ,, or they just fail ,, so the charging system could check out fine , but if it was checked for a long period of time like when the car was driven and the headlamps are acting up ,, if the charging system was fine , then we could rule it out ,,

Also any major battery cable should be checked ,, the positive battery cable goes to the engine compartment fuse box , the conection there should be checked for looseness,,, and the negative battery cable should go to the body and the engine , these conections could be cause this problem if they are loose or bad.

Its advisable to get the connections checked by your car dealer or at professional car garage tech.

The dealer can use a simple volt meter and leave it in your car or they also have a flight recorder that could be installed on the car, this unit would be the best , they install it and it comes with a button you push when the system starts to act up , and it will record any thing you want , going back 60 seconds after the button is pushed and forward, they can set it up to monitor the cars voltage and when you see the headlamps flicker , you can start the recording , then you bring the car back when you want and they can look at the recording and see what happen to the charging system when the headlamps flickered .. if it dropped below 13 volts or went above 15 volts then they would know for sure that the alternator has an intermittent problem.

This details will help.

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