Front wheel assembly diagram to replace wheel bearing?

In this case the customer has Ford Explorer car model.
He needs front wheel bearing diagram to replace the wheel bearing.

As per his requirement,the details are as follows :----

The diagram is as follows :---

The replacing details for wheel bearing is as follows :---

To prevent damage to the spindle during removal, remove adjusting nut locking key from spindle keyway under adjusting nut prior to nut removal.
A slight movement of the nut will loosen the locking key so that a magnet can be used for removal.
During the front wheel bearing adjustment procedure, align the closest two holes in the wheel bearing adjusting nut with the center of the spindle keyway slot.
Advance the nut to the next hole if required. To ensure proper wheel retention, install adjusting nut locking key in alignment with spindle keyway and insert into locknut holes.
The double humped portion must be completely seated and flush with the locknut assembly.
Raise and support front of vehicle.
Remove wheel and tire assembly.
Remove lug nut stud retainer washers, then the locking hub assembly.
Remove snap ring from end of spindle shaft.
Remove axle shaft spacer, needle thrust bearing and bearing spacer.
Remove cam assembly, thrust washer and needle thrust bearing from wheel bearing adjusting nut.
Remove the adjusting nut lock key, then the nut.
Remove the rotor and replace the bearings, races and seal as necessary.
Torque nut to 35 ft lb while rotating hub and rotor assembly.
Back off adjusting nut 1/4 turn, then torque nut to 16 inch lbs.
Align nearest hole in adjusting nut with center of spindle keyway slot. If necessary, advance nut to the next hole.
Install locknut needle bearing, thrust washer and cam assembly.
Install bearing thrust washer, needle thrust bearing, axle shaft spacer and snap ring.
Install locking hub assembly and retainer washers, then the wheel and tire assembly.
Ensure wheel endplay on spindle is 0.000-0.003 inch.

This details will help.

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