Toshiba Satellite Notebook?

Toshiba Satellite A60 PC Notebook will not turn ON.
There are many Toshiba satellite Notebook models.
Toshiba L650
Toshiba P650
Toshiba I305-s5907
Toshiba notebook A60 
Toshiba P105 notebook.

There are many other near to same models.

This not turning on problem is noticed on many other models too.

So first try this open the laptop back.Its just fitted with screws.Now open/lift the plastic flap.Once the back plate flap is lift,you will see the RAM memory chips.Green in color.Remove those chips slowly and clean it with soft cloth.Just wipe the RAM with dry soft cloth.Blow the air in the slot where RAM fits.Now reinsert the ram and do same with laptop battery.Remove the battery and clean it with dry cloth,Blow air in the slot where battery fits.
Now reinsert and pack all like it was before.Now turn ON,the laptop and see if its working or Not.
If Not then go to Next Step

Click the 

This will help.

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