Lower Ball Joints replacing on Mitsubishi car?

The details to replace lower ball joints is as follows :----


  1. Raise and safely support the vehicles on jackstands. Allow the suspension to hang free.
  2. Grasp the tire at the top and the bottom and move the top of the tire in and out.
  3. Observe for any horizontal movement of the steering knuckle relative to the front lower control arm. If any movement is detected, replace the ball joint.
  4. If the ball stud is disconnected from the steering knuckle and any looseness is detected, or if the ball stud can be twisted in its socket using finger pressure, replace the ball joint.

Removal & Installation

The lower ball joint is an integral part of the lower control arm assembly, and can not be serviced separately. A worn or damaged ball joint requires replacement of lower control arm assembly.

This details will help.

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