Reset for Magellan Roadmate?

If your Magellan RoadMate Series 1340, 1440, or 1470 is giving you fits, and you want to start over - this is the tip for you!!

Here are the steps to take if your unit is acting up:

1. Reset the Magellan GPS device's location if it can't find your position or keeps giving you the wrong location.

Magellan suggests doing this whenever you've traveled more than 500 miles. (especially if it has been powered down for an extended period of travel)

The setting is usually located in the device's "User Options" menu. (covered on page 34 of the manual)

CLICK HERE for the product support page - where you can find the current o.s. update(v2.22 currently), and Manual for the 1440 to download.

2. Perform a Soft Reset.

Magellan RoadMate models - the location of the reset button is on the right side inside a small hole. Use an object to apply pressure to depress the reset button. If there is not a reset button on your model, hold the power button down for up to 10 seconds to power the unit off and again holding the power button down for up to 10 seconds to power the unit on.

Then retry. Take it to an area with a clear view of the sky, and set the location (as directed above) Allow 15 - 20 minutes for the unit to re-triangulate with the satellites.

If this does not work for you - the next option is a HARD reset. This will erase any stored data like POIs etc, and reset all the settings back to as it left the factory.


Be very careful when in this menu as if you select the wrong tab you might lock up your unit. This is a backdoor hidden menu usually reserved for Magellan Technicians.

(Remove any inserted memory cards before doing the following)

On the menu bar ( the top bar where it says Sytem Settings)...
Tap left corner twice,
Right corner twice,
Left corner once,
Right corner once.

It will bring up a hidden menu.

The first thing on the hidden menu is reset for first use.

Press that and you have done the equivalent of a hard reset.

Once the hard reset is finished - update your unit to the newest O.S. and re-try.

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