1999 Mercedes E-Class Stereo Wiring

The radio wiring is as below:---
The radio wiring under dash, to the back of the radio has to be inspected.If any of the wire gets loose then there will be no sound or low sound or static problem will be heard.

1999 Mercedes E-Class Stereo Wiring
  • Constant 12V+Red/White
  • Switched 12V+Black/Yellow
  • Ground Brown
  • Illumination n/a
  • Dimmer n/a
  • Antenna Trigger Blue/White
  • Antenna Rear Window
  • Front Speakers 5 1/4" Doors
  • Left Front (+)Green
  • Left Front (-)Brown/Green
  • Right Front (+)Black
  • Right Front (-)Brown/Black
  • Rear Speakers5 1/4" Door
  • Left Rear (+)Pink
  • Left Rear (-)Brown/Pink
  • Right Rear (+)White
  • Right Rear (-)Brown/White
Check both the 12 volt wire and ground wire and the speaker wires.Any of the one is causing the problem.

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