How to replace rotors on Honda Accord?

On 1997 Honda Accord. I'd rather not pay $100 or more to have my rotors turned, so I need to find out how I can take them off myself and have them turned at a local service station. Do you need a special tool in order to do this? I heard that some Hondas required a special tool in order to do this.

After investigating the cost to have them turned, I found it is almost the same price if I replace them myself.

This brings me to my dilemma. After removing the tires, calipers, and pads, I can't seem to get the rotor off the hub assembly. It appears that the rotors are held in place by two Phillips head screws in the center of the rotor. While trying not to strip the screw head, I have tried to loosen the screws with no success.

It is my assumption that these screws are the only thing holding the rotors on. Am I missing something, or am I not trying hard enough to break the screws free? An input would be very much appreciated.


THIS is done by tool.------------

The only special tool you will need is a ball joint fork to separate the upper and lower ball joints. You have to remove the whole steering knuckle assembly to get to the bolts in back of the rotor and hub assembly.

See the image below:---

Removing Honda Accord Brake Rotors

Removing Honda Accord Brake Rotors

Removing Honda Accord Brake Rotors

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