kenmore coldspot icemaker will not dispense ice ?

CUSTOMER:---Expert please help.
My sears kenmore Coldspot refrigerator, has an ice and water dispenser on the left door. The water dispenser works fine, but the ice dispenser does not put out any ice. There is no motor sound whatsoever when the lever is pressed.

The ice maker itself still makes plenty of ice, so there is no problems there.But its not dispensing.
Is it motor or solenoid problem.

EXPERTs reply:---
Motor or solenoid are rare problem( cannot be ignored, but are rare problem).You would need to unsnap(use a flathead screwdriver in the 2 little slots underneath the bottom frame piece to unsnap it) your front dispenser frame#23 here: click the link see part number 23

Then look at your support bracket#15 to see if the little plastic pins are not broken that hold your ice and water dispenser switches in place#14.
If that looks ok, then you would need to use an ohm meter to test continuity in your ice dispenser switch.


you were right expert:--
As it turns out, it was the plastic piece protruding from the bracket that holds the ice dispenser switch in place. It had snapped near the base. For the time being, I superglued it to the base and put the switch back into its proper position. This may be a temporary fix until the piece breaks again. At that point, I believe I will have to order a new bracket. Thanks for your help.

EXPERTS reply:--

Ok, Sounds good.

Here is the bracket for your model, in case you need to order it in the future:
Bracket, Control

CUSTOMERS reply:---

I used a rubber band to hold mine in place. The small toothpick pieces were broken on mine. It caused the trigger piece to slide to far down to get hit when I pushed the lever. It is working at present until the new bracket comes in.

1) Removed the faceplate with a flathead screwdriver (this was not easy, as it's on there pretty tight, and I actually made a slight crack in the inner plate trying to remove it)
2) The little gizmo held in by the brackets immediately fell out when I removed the plate (It's like the letter "Z" with two plastic pins), and the broken plastic pin on the left hand side that was supposed to hold it in fell out soon afterwards
3) I looked at the schematic from Sears, which was not very helpful, because it did not show that the gizmo and the pin were supposed to go on the left hand side for the ice maker, it just showed the similar set-up on the right for the water dispenser. I also had not realized that the electrical wires had gfallen down and to the side when the pin fell.

4) Jury-rigged a new plastic pin to hold the "Z" shaped gizmo in by using a plastic twist tie
5) Manfully snapped the plate back on (takes some force!)
..and now everything works great!



I have the exact same refrigerator as above and am having the same issue.
I took off the frame and inspected the bracket... there were no broken parts.
I checked the ice maker switch for continuity, and it seemed fine.
What should I check next? I'm guessing that my problem is either the ice maker motor itself or the control board. how to test motor.

Check voltage to the motor for 120 volts and see if its there.If no the motor is issue.------Also check for 120 volts at your ice dispenser switch.

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