How to replace the battery on TomTom GPS 910

This tip is for the TomTom go910, and may give a good reference for all other TomTom GPS units.

The plug is under the circuit boards but access to the battery is behind the front screen.
1) Remove 4 Torx #6 screws under ends of rubber strips on back.

2) Remove the back cover. Front frame comes off now.
3) Remove 2 screws in round (top) circuit board then remove 4 screws from lower circuit board. Don't worry about the glue separating that connects the 2 circuit boards.

4) Lay back the circuit boards to unplug battery.
Note: the flat ribbon cables are fragile.
The plug with 3 wires is the battery.
Unplug the battery wires from circuit board.
5) Remove front screen by pressing a screwdriver against the small metal tabs that follow the edge of the screen.
The tabs should be pushed in slightly to allow you to lift the screen out.
It may need some leverage, but be careful not to put the screwdriver too far behind the screen as there are a couple of thin cables that may be damaged.
6) To remove the hard drive you need to unscrew the vertical black tags about 2 cm long. These simply come away and are grasping the business card size silver box (a.k.a. the hard drive).
The rubber end caps are pressed in, pry out with small screw driver.

7) Remove battery and replace. Take note of the two sided sticky tape around battery.
When replacing the tape, be careful you do not put too much around the right hand side as it will interfere with the thin cable when you put it all back together.
9) Reverse for assembly.

When disassembling do not remove the battery clip. Just pop out the battery from the front. Also, having a set of tweezers to put the electrical connections back together helps - especially if you have big hands like me :)

Notes: a #7 mini star bit works just fine in replacement of the Torx bit.
A purchase from Batteryship.com includes #5 & #6 torx screwdriver bit with the battery.
Also needed: a very small philips (star) screwdriver, a straight screwdriver and a plastic pry tool.


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