where is transmission dipstick located on 1996 960 volvo

Its in the most awkward place it could be. Do you own a turbo charged car by any chance, because if you do (like me) There is a big black pipe coming from the engine to the front of the car (where the haines manual says it is) Look under this pipe and you should see a yellow dipstick.


There is a transmission dipstick on the Volvo 960 (in the UK the 960 has a 3 litre engine - though I believe that in the States the car is known as the 940).

Open the bonnet (hood) and stand at the front. Locate the OIL dipstick on the right as you look at the engine. Draw an imaginary line from you to the OIL dipstick -then to the bulkhead. The transmission dipstick is located an arms-length down from where the imaginary line hits the bulkhead. It's awkward to find and not easy to access.

The transmission oil dipstick has a yellow top (you will probably need a flashlight to peer down and see it) with a square recess. The square recess is designed to take a 3/8 LONG extension bar to pull it out. The dipstick is actually held in place by a spring-clip.

Alternatively, you can crawl underneath the car from the left hand side - driver side in the States, Passenger side in the UK...) and remove the dipstick by reaching up. This is probably the easiest option.

I figured the stub was the yellow thing on the transmission. My engine oil dipstick had undergone a similar fate.

Refilling the 960 automatic transmission
If you look on many Volvo forum sites you'll see that one of the most commonly asked questions is 'where is the dipstick for the automatic transmission?' It isn't easy to spot ..
Open the bonnet and whilst standing at the front of the car, locate the ENGINE OIL dipstick - on the right hand side of the engine as you look at it. The oil dipstick usually has a red handle. Look past the oil dipstick at the engine bulkhead and then look down an arms length - yes, that yellow plastic square thing is the transmission dipstick; out of sight and out of mind.
To remove the dipstick you need a 3/8 socket extension bar the length of your lower arm - it fits into the square hole in the top of the dipstick (or somebody with a long arm just to pull it out of the tubing). It probably is just as easy to use a flashlight and reach up from behind the passenger roadwheel ..

See the image below:---


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